Don Pierson Family History

Family genealogy tree of Pierson, Hellbusch, Siebler, Maguire, Garcia and others


Since a number of people in the various surnames of my family have started family trees, I thought I would make an attempt to combine them here. Obviously this is a work in progress so check back often for any updates!

This site was prompted after I had my DNA tested through 23andMe which found several relatives I had never met. At first I was perplexed until I realized that they were second cousins rather than first cousins as reported. However, after comparing notes and realizing that no one has started their particular side of the family, I hope to add them here.

The photo on this page to the left is my mother Barbara Ann in her early 20s and to the right is my father George Frank as a teenager. In fact, both were teenagers when I was born!